sport taping

Can tape cause an injury?
The tape itself cannot cause an injury. Of course, if you put a tape wrong, pain can increase, but the solution is just to remove the tape. For instance, if you feel unwell taking a medicine, you will need some time to remove the medicine from the body. But you may remove the tape immediately.
Can a tape become a complete replacement of bandages, fixers or similar articles?
Bandages, fixers, orthoses limit the motions. Thus some motions, trainings, competition participation are limited, that means limitation of the entire active life. Unlike the tape- it does not put any constrains to motions. Moreover, it works even better in motions, because physiological processes accelerate.
How does taping work?
Tape is glued with some specific tension and skin “lifts” over muscles and ligaments because of it. Therefore, blood circulation and lymph outflow get better. As a result, swelling decreases and inflammation is over faster. Tape reduces influence on pain receptors. Did you feel better if you massage painful area? And tape does some kind of massage to skin and adjacent tissues and pain becomes not so aggressive. Depending on application scheme, taping can decrease or increase muscle tonus. Let us imagine a five days massage, how well would your muscles feel as a result? The tape supports and guides motion of muscles and joints softly. Injuries or intensive trainings lead to disorder of correct muscles motion. Taping according to correct schemes helps them get well gradually.
Does the color of tape any relation to its features?
No, it is not true that a specific color gives a tape an extra benefit. Do not let deceive yourself. You should choose a tape based on the tasks you want to resolve using the tape and features of Kinesio tape itself.
When shall I use tapes?
Taping brings good results in various orthopedic diseases. It is hard to name a disease where taping method does not give a positive effect. It is effective in sports injuries. Neurological diseases followed by decrease or increase of muscle tonus, pain syndromes, leg swellings, hematomas and even cellulite.

beauty taping

What is facial taping?
  • Let’s prepare. At this stage we clean skin carefully with hygienic means, deoil and wish dry with a towel.
  • Put on and wait. Then glue tapes in accordance with selected scheme and wear it due to the instruction from 1 to 8 hours.
  • Removal. Remove the tape slowly and carefully not to danger the skin.
How long is the procedure?
Facial taping takes 10-20 minutes depending on complexity of application. Everything depends here on experience and hand skills. Do not rush. To achieve necessary effect, tapes shall be glued strictly according to the instruction. Each taping scheme is based on physiology of facial muscles layout, therefore it is better to spend a little bit more time, but glue the tape in the right place. Otherwise it can be no effect at all.
What is cosmetic taping?
Taping is an alternative to Botox for esthetic rehabilitation before and after installation of fillers, meso-threads, botulin therapy, to remove swelling and acceleration of skin regeneration after plastic surgery, as well as for reduction and prevention of wrinkles.
Do any allergic reactions to tapes exist?
Yes. Therefore, make allergy test to avoid unpleasant surprises. To check if you have allergy, just stick a small piece of tape on cheekbone or neck at an angle with jaw (approximately 2×2 cm). It is advisable to leave application for night. If you have no opportunity to do so, then art least for 30 minutes. Take off the tape if you feel heavy itching, burning and other unpleasant feelings. If no unpleasant reactions occurred, the tape suits you and you may commence with taping.
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