Best at-home beauty treatments
Lifting tape

- breathing
- hypoallergenic
- safe

Beauty tapes work to maintain youth, beauty of face and decollate. Do your usual household chores and maintain your beauty at the same time.

Cosmetic taping allows you to:

  • reduce crow’s feet, smooth folds on forehead, in eye corners and nasolabial fold;
  • eliminate eyelid swelling;
  • lift facial countours;
  • reduce dewlap;
  • get back fresh and even face color.

No matter how old are you — 20 or 50 — face taping is effective at every age.

No top secret inventions. Just intelligent technique.

Lifting tapeWe put detailed instruction with taping schemes, layout rules and recommendations into every pack of beauty tapes. Everything you need is to read it thoroughly and take your time.

Whom the beauty tapes were developed for?

For young girls underlying risk for face muscle hypertonia but having no signs of age-specific changes. Taping can also handle age-specific changes: relaxation of specific muscle group allows to reduce mimic wrinkles and provide skin lifting.

How does it work?

When you put the tape, selected muscles mobility is reduced and cosmetic effect is reached due to this. Muscles need some time to relax and “memorize” new position. The main thing is to remember that this effect is long term, so it is worth to wait a bit.

How long does the procedure take?

Luckily, you do not need to have your face tapes on for several days. Average taping time takes from 1 till 8 hours. Time depends on area and purpose of effect.

How many procedures are necessary until it works?

Two factors are important here: an area you are working on and how strong are you affected by age-specific changes.

Average course time to achieve notable effect is from 7 to 10. All qualitative changes need time and complex approach.