Kinesio tapes

What is Kinesio tape?

Kinesio tape is an adhesive tape, which elasticity is similar to that of skin. The tape is covered by hypoallergenic adhesive layer on acryl basis, which activates under influence of body’s warmth.

How to use kinesio tape?

Together with practicing kinesio specialists, we made detailed taping schemes and created detailed instructions. Instructions are available on the site, in Instagram, Facebook, as well as in each package of kinesio tape.

50+ video tutorials on the Kinexib youtube channel

What Kinesio tape is capable to do?

  • It supports muscles and ligaments
  • It stabilizes joints
  • It improves quality of exercises performance
  • It replaces and completes any fixers
  • It improves blood microcirculation
  • It reduces swellings
  • It decreases pressure on pain receptors
  • It accelerates recreation of muscle tissues
  • It applies for ligaments treatment and rehabilitation

How to choose Kinesio tape?

Kinesio tapes are applied to prevent injuries and to recover after them, such as soft tissue bruises, dislocations, chondrosis, knee, meniscus, elbow injuries, as well as to remove post-injury pain syndrome.

We recommend choosing Kinexib PRO and Kinexib ULTRAVIOLET during workouts and competitions. They have maximum fixing capability. KInexib CLASSIC will suffice for moderate daily loads. We recommend Kinexib ULTRAVIOLET or Kinexib NEO for use in water.


It is a basic soft and elastic tape. It applies for rehabilitation and prevention of sports and home injuries.


Kinesio tape has improved fixation. It has a doubled durability compared with classic model. It replaces any fixers and does not lose its features in water.


Main specificity of the model is maximum fixation and increased resistance while using in water and water sports.


Ultra-high resistant Kinesio tapes do not hurt if gets wet. They have the highest elasticity and even soft surface as the other Kinesio tapes.


Kinesio tapes for active children and teenagers. Tape sizes comfortable for child and bright prints convert any activities into amazing and provide careful support to growing body.

Each tape pack contains detailed and easy instructions with taping schemes and recommendations. We made them together with practicing doctors in sports medicine, which have completed Kinesio taping courses abroad.

How does Kinesio tape work?

Due to its structure, Kinesio tape raises slightly he skin above muscles and ligaments and stimulates blood and lymph flows. The tape “massages” skin and adjacent tissues. It promotes removing inflammation and pain, as well as improvement of muscle functions.

May I use the tape during treatment?

Kinesio taping combines effectively with various types of physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy. Kinesio tapes are actively used in orthopedics and cosmetology.

May I leave the tape on skin for night?

Kinesio tape does not limit your mobility and form of your usual clothes. You may always have it on and without need to remove for night.

What tape color shall I choose?

It is solely up to you. Effects and characteristics of the tape do not depend on its color. Color has aesthetic function only, cheers up your mood and athletic rage.