Lifting tapeНовинка

Esthetic taping has got a lymph-drainage effect. It allows to lift facial contours and reduce mimic wrinkles.

The set KineXib Beauty includes two types of esthetic taping: a straight I-tape and an “octopus” W-tape.

Kinesio tape sticks on skin with its own tension. Take one tape from the set and attach it to the scheme described in the instruction to know tension force.

The detailed instruction with care and rejuvenation programs are available inside the pack.


97% viscose, 3% cotton, hypoallergenic acryl-based glue
Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd, 88 Shishan Road, 215011 Suzhou, China.
Best before
3 years


Local skin diseases and injuries in taping area, idiosyncrasy to raw material elements; oncology diseases and metastasis.