Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape KineXib Classic
It is used in treatment of soft tissue bruises, dislocations, chondrosis, knee, meniscus, elbow injuries. It is suitable for aesthetic taping.
Cohesive tape
Cohesive tape is a tape without adhesive base. It is a light “breathing” elastic fixer intended for fixing joints, tools elements, compresses.
Kinesio tape KineXib Pro
Kinesio tape with increased fixing capability. PRO model feature is increased application durability compared with Classic version.
KInesio tape KineXib Pro 1m
Kinesio tape with increased fixing capability. 1 m pack suits for the first taping experience.
Kinesio tape KineXib Ultraviolet
Pre-cut Kinesio tape with increased fixing capability. Water-resistant, high-strength made of viscose.
Sports tape
The bondage is intended for fixing joints, ligaments and equipment elements. Sports tape is not elastic. It is used for hard fixing.